Breeding with Somalis to have good hair


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Women overestimate their individual worth I bet these xalimos think they're the only mofos with curly hair on this earth who would target them specifically off that reason alone :mjlol:
mixed with a white person will basically guarantee your kid will have curly hair

mixing with a black person is still a coinflip


C'mon man
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Makes no sense. half J half Somali almost always have the J hair unless the J has some kind of European admixture like some AAs or Caribbeans and even then it mostly favors the J.


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Why cant you UK dameers talk like they do in Harry potter. Waste of an accent if you cant speak like you have been to school
I have seen kids who are only a quarter j4reer but still have dhagax hair.. The struggle is real :mjkkk::mjhaps:
Lmao it was a girl in my middle school that was mixed with half Botswana and Norwegian she come out light skinned with 4A hair and she used to ask me if I was mixed bc I had 2a/3c and I just said I was only somali and she was shocked :mjlol: