BREAKING: Puntland kills 4 Somaliland soldiers

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This is fake news it was the sub clan battle which happened

Abokor Sulub you fucking shit piece of lying scumbag. No SL vs Puntland happened.

I hope Allah destroys that shit disabled mouth of yours which creates lies

Saalax Bidaar

Truthfulness so often goes with ruthlessness
More More More. It is either a dead enemy or a dead fifth columner, good either way.

Blood for the blood god.

Damn you are thick.

There is no SL or Pl or Khatumo.

Just two local clans clashed.

Cali Gari vs Rer Hagar

Rer Buhoodle have struck peace deal. alxamdullilah

But continue celebrating the death of Daroods!
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