BREAKING: Puntland kills 4 Somaliland soldiers

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Saalax Bidaar

Truthfulness so often goes with ruthlessness
Personally i think 4 siilanders dead is too few i don't know about you but i prefer a bloodbath like the good ol days :icon lol:
Why is there so much hate within you. It is concerning. What would you get if bunch people lost their lives?


We are Somalis who follow Somalia central government not countries which exist on paper.
Rageedi, inshallah we right wing nationalists. Descendants of the Darawish. We gonna complete what sayyid abdille started and what Jaalle Siyad came close to accomplish.
I'm seeing Ethiopia not lasting a decade, it'll collapse on itself definitely. The tigray minority regime can't survive without Western aid and eventually the west at some point will stop giving free money.
Borders will be redrawn all over the third world.
SL are delusional thinking they can base their legitimacy on fake colonial boundaries that are doomed to collapse. At least puntlands claim to SSC is blood ties although u don't share history.
Soon people in SSC will have the option of uniting people they share blood + history.
Watch this space, Ethiopia won't survive another decade. You'll say I told u so.

John Michael

Free my girl Jodi!
Somali life is cheap.

How many disgusting photos are of dead somali bodies on the floor. I'm desensitized.

No respect for the dead. That's probably why we are always in a state of war.


Puntland Youth Organiser
FKD Visionary
Remember people, this is the guy who was bashing me for my apparent tribalism.
Sxb (these) peopele are beyond logic, your mistake was thinking they're sincere in the first place. They're fake nationalists and qabilist to the core
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