Breaking news: Hirshabelle president ousted after no-confidence vote

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He had a magnificent river with decent annual rain in the region, and yet he couldn't develop a State Owned Agro company that could invest in farmers that help to feed Somalis in every Gobol and export surplus commodities.

Visionless leaders keep thriving in bountiful regions.


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I listened to one of the parliamentarians of hirshabelle he said I personally went to his house gone into his bedroom while he was sleeping on his bed to address him about some urgent & crucial issues that needed urgent attention but to no avail.

He probably was fast asleep nursing the headache from the mirqaan the previous night kkk


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This guy is a novice in politics. He was doing Abgaals dirty work by opposing Farmaajo's new administration and demanding Xamar port to be under Hirshabelle's control as if his Xawaadle clan would see a dime from the revenues. A seasoned politician would've sought collaboration with Farmaajo since they both have the same opponents. I guess he was trying to prove his loyalty what a neef.


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Hiirshabele was non functioning state anyway his departure has no significance lol.

At least they will not need to buy for khat for him and his colleagues
This paper state was created Within six months by HSM, no wonder it already failed. Farmaajo and Kheyre can have a breathing space now because Hirshabelle politicians were their biggest opponents
These idiot Hirshabelle politicians where in Mogadishu 100 % of the time causing mischief

some legitimate concerns they have The Somali budget gave peanuts to hirshabelle.

SFG undermined Hirshabelle due to economic reason.

However this still is inexcusable. like Larry was saying I would have invested the majority in agro and rest in cheap high visual matter like roads ect just so it can immediately impact lives.
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