Breaking: Kenya Fears Attack From Marehan Clan Militia

The longer video is more preposterous and cheap. The danyeers are getting sloppy with their propaganda and have no credible officials from their military relaying these facts.

This spokesmen for Wajir county Somalis has called on this network to not instigate fights between somali clans and has issued a call for this network to apologize for the baseless and inflammatory disinformation campaign. The clans of Wajir/Mandheera counties and the Gedo region of Somalia are interdependent on all fronts of bilateral cooperation from security to trade and more.


You expected something here didn't you?!?!?
The fufus showing fear is expected. It's obvious who their sijui rats are though.

At this point in time, they're just scared of Somalis that breath..... I mean, look at us, we're not even a united nation, suffer from poverty, annual droughts, an insurgency and the kenyans are already scared of us. Imagine if our elders got their shit together and begun pushing the leaders to hold talks and actually bring peace? I can guarantee you that the day that the Somali Civil War ends, the bantus will declare war, we're just too much for them when we're united. And best thing is, they have little to no allies- China sees better investment in Somalia, the British are slowly losing their place in Africa and the US will remain neutral or sell to whoever has the most oil (spoiler it's us).

They don't need to be scared of the men, just be scared of the elderly women, they'll hang you from their hijabs.


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