Border between Kenya and Somalia at Beled Xaawo


Reformation of Somaliland

Very uncomfortable with how close the Kenyans have built their wall. They seem to have stopped building the wall right until it enters Beled Xaawo/Mandera. It makes sense though because people from Gedo have built home across the border line inside Mandera and any wall built will have to cut them off from Beled Xaawo. Very weird seeing a wall dividing two Somali cities, not even Ethiopia would attempt something like this.
They'll be riots if Wajaale had a wall, it currently just has a rope on the road with custom offices but locals enter both side from anywhere.


Daludug Above all
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Obergruppenführer in Command (OIC)

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i really cannot take that statement seriously. Let the glove come off, that aim't the statement on the ground under Maacilmu is it?