BluemakeupFuad is fully a woman now.


Waar maa cagdheer baa?

No. but I heard Queen Salena (another trans woman) is cagdheer.
She is a woman whatever you like it or not. It is her life and her body not your body so stay away from interfering in other women's bodies. force whaaaaat? who force you to make a hateful post about a random woman? keep your hateful opinions to yourself.

There are Somali Trans Women and Somali Trans Men, they exist and they are free to live their lives as they want and you can't do anything about them deal with that fact and go get busy with your life instead of hating on random people online.
Not no woman or women but its who should be forced to pick a side or else be shunned or worse


President of the Secular Republic of Somalia
Nayaa why don’t you follow your own advice and stop this word diarrhea in my thread. I can and will say whatever I want.

I'm not hating on you and i'm not the one who make a whole post hating on other woman. are you jealous of her because she is living her life as she wants while you are here complaining about her life:ftw9nwa::ftw9nwa:.... anyway i'm out of this useless post.


Ngl I remember my cousin from my moms side trolling me and claiming he was my from my dad side cousin. I’m double trouble 2 x laan dheer