Best Quran Reciters

This sheikh is my favorite. Dr Adnan Ibrahim is the name. His voice will blow your khamees up to the seventh heaven. He's a great thinker too. One of the finest Islamic theologians of our time. Unlike other fake wadaads he's got a PhD and is well versed in science and history. A real mujtahid. Post your fave reciters:

He exposes the lies of the Salafi, Deobandi, and Ikhwani propagandists against our religion. They have driven many people away from Islam by their satanic beliefs. I will post his vids refuting them on here inshallah. This will one deals with fake hadiths in "Sahih" Bukhari and other collections:

This is a great lecture. The sheikh explains the many times Saudi educated wadaads have tried to ban scientific discoveries that have improved the lives of people. They call everything bid'ah and shirk. There's not one great advance in human knowledge that these people have not opposed. No wonder Muslim countries are diseased, impoverished, and backwards: