Basra dedication thread.......




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Eedo @Basra is one of my favourite users. She's twice our age and has been through two divorces but still has the joyous youth of a six year old. God bless her heart.
Here's a funny gif as requested:

Indeed my dear Crow, GOD BLESS MY HEART!!!!

Nokia will do yes. I discovered Google read lately. Basically I google a book that I want to read but NOT want to read. So basically I bring up the book. and on the left screen there is a search engine where u can search the content of the book. So I put a name in the search engine and read everything about that name or chapter. Really cool. I long the days where I can actually finish a book! Too busy.

But honestly if the book is too gossipy and my 18th century like, I can finish 400 pages in two days.
same As soon as I have the time to sit down and read a book at the end of the night, I haven’t the energy and before long I find my self falling fast asleep!


Legendary & a very entertaining poster:rejoice::rejoice:; never fails to crack me up tbh tbh!! Even though you always ignore me:damedamn:, you're one of my fave posters :wow: