Ayan Hirsi attacks Ilhan Omar


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Black on black violence :mjkkk:

Ayan is basically the Somali Uncle Ruckus



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Hehe, it would be funny if Ayaan Hirsi Ali got US citizenship and then ran against her in her district.


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shes married to yahud she has kids for yahud she is basically a yahud so of course she will defend them


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It's amusing how Somalis always pathetically want to associate Jews with all things negative.

Well Ayan hirsi is full of negative energy and hate herself on anything related to Islam, if she like many non muslim somalis just lived her life, I doubt many of us would have problem with her. I think she needs to respect people just as much as she wants respect :)

btw I believe she converted to Jeduism or want to convert at some point, so suspicion about her being a zionist is not without warrant.


happy accidents, not mistakes :)
More fake news, she is an atheist (no religion), not Jewish religiously.

Controversial Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali said that she had previously tried to convert to Judaism and suggested that she might attempt to do so again in the future.

At a gathering hosted by Israeli Consul General of New York Ido Aharoni last Thursday, Ali told the crowd that “One day I hope to convert to Judaism,” according to a report by the New York Jewish Week, adding, “I tried it, but it was very difficult.”


I don't think it's a lie :)


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Looks like someone is getting jealous of Ilhan's popularity in the West, she is probably wondering how she did it without becoming a gaal:siilaanyolaugh:


She did not name the name I.Omar though. But I am sure she was hinting on Ms Omar Anti Semite views. Somalis are automatically allergic to Jews or Yuhud. Whenever I sit with older women and men at any gatherings, they are always quick to mention a Jew.

"Oh this one is a jew. Or he has ears of a jew. Or this is married to a Jew"

I mean, the energy invested to spotting a jew, if they were in the jungle , their hunting carts will be filled with Jews strung with Masaii spears.