Ask me anything I was part of Woolwich Boys

The only real gangsters in the UK today are the Albanians and Turks otherwise all of these other black gang sets in the UK are mainly just made up of these dumb black youts who are stabbing each other up over council block postcodes.

Don't get me wrong here back in the day south London gangs like PDC, and Peckham boys where making serious money off the underground drug trade in London but the OGs of these gangs are either dead now or reformed characters after serving long prison sentences, I'm mainly talking about the street gang wars that you see taking place on streets of London these days.
:nvjpqts: That’s true can’t lie I used to roll with Turks because they was real and not pussies like Albanians. Turks sorted me out with my first hand ting straight from Serbia :trumpsmirk:
He’QUOTE="thehappyone, post: 2504982, member: 565"]
Lee boi was
I remember when Somalis from Woolwich use to scare me. Forget that though how do you sit down on the train when going through county line's if there are drugs up your bum?

Does it not hurt? Horta how the fuck do you even put it up your arse anyway, "mandem" maa ku caawiyo?

I watched documentary where you lot were featured
Which one sxb we was featured in allot of documentary even I was featured in one.


With great power comes great electricity bill
He’QUOTE="thehappyone, post: 2504982, member: 565"]
Lee boi was

Which one sxb we was featured in allot of documentary even I was featured in one.
Don't even know it was on channel 4 or something

I thought only the cadaan and madow kids got that treatment.
Waar Woolwich boys iyo tolkood iyo safaraada wa la waaso, waa la daaba, waa la yuuba, baabah aa laga diiga one by one iyo groub by groub. *** child you are.
@Jaydaan are these guys the big and bad UK gangiistars :mjlol:

Woolwich boys kulaha it sounds like y'all fuck each other on a nightly basis allow it bunch of fulays wallahi give me 5 mod malis from tdot and a shop in UK I'll take over the drug trade completely and be worshipped in the whole country like escobar :mjlol:

Am I supposed to be scared of these skinny mofos "oi run ur bloodclart pockets bruv before man shank you cheerio innit" :russ:
those are Rockingham Mali’s don’t violate there big brothers are real money makers dunno about this generation though
1) would you advocate capital punishment for hood rats who kill?

2) why do blacks and foreigners like somali waste their time acting tough and hanging trousers when they can get jobs and focus on their lives? and please do not tell me there is no opportunity,

3) what % of the hood rats you hanged with who were blacks were born out of wedlock? my theory is most criminal teenagers and in their 20s who are lack were created out of wedlock and birthed by a 16 year old chick who was knocked up in a one night stand, is this a major contributing factor, a lack of father figure at home?

4) do you support stop and search since most blacks commit most crimes

5) do you think all foreigners, indian, somali, black etc who commit crime should be deported back to their shithole nations after prison?

6) d o you think hood rats should be shot on sight when they commit crime in order to clean them from the streets

7) in your opinion, which race commits most knife crime in london

8) would you say most somalis act hood rats due to the very high divorce rates in mali families and thus absent fathers?

9) would stopping welfare finish of hood rats since they have to work or starve
2) it’s because it’s the easiest business to get into come to London right now with clean cv and I guarantee you won’t get a job anywhere how are you gonna provide for your family? Your acting like I choose this life.
4) Didn’t hang with hood rats sxb I hanged with hustlers who was business minded, I used to do big sales with mafia Shqiptare I’m talking about figures your whole family tree was worth.
5)Fun fact I have never been stopped and searched in my life because I dressed smart :ftw9nwa: and I wasn’t drawing attention to me.
6)Nah I don’t agree with that one they might change their life’s over.
7) Jamaicans/Nigerians by far
8) They get influenced from young like if I went upto a kid right now and gave him money to buy whatever he likes he’s going to look up to me right? If I played with him every time spoke to him he’s going gain my trust, so then at one point he’s going to be doing jobs for me because I gained that bond with him.


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