Arnold Schwarzenegger love child graduates college..

LOOOL Maria is hot actually! looooooooooooooool

She is very accomplished. A good investigative reporter.

But i do kinda agree, her heavy eye brows, michele obama hands and her manly thunderous laughter is a bit suspect. loool

The weird part is, her kids dont look like him. It took a mexican to give him a copy of him. Arnold knows his place now at least, Maria never respected him, she just wanted a hubby, children and the shows offs! lol

The Terminator belongs with Mildred the Maid! looooooooooool
Qashin post and remarks you made there plus their not his real kids probally as women are excellent cheaters
huuno u have the wrong idea about sex. Men do care how u look. sure they can sleep with u one time while drunk. Heck men sleep with trannies while drunk but how u look is very important lol
Sane men care how you look like for sure


Da queen
You tell me who was at fault ! I’m gonna give you a scenario

It is after lunch, right around noon in Somalia time. Do you know what happens around that time ? The family takes a nap, the maid cleans up and someone like me from overseas stays awake.

I was in the living room watching tv and she comes in and is mopping the floor with a cloth. She bends over very steep front of me. She’s a young girl around 19. She keeps doing it. Ofc I was aroused.
She was doing her damn job, it’s your job to keep your pants zipped :bell: