Apparently Somalia has the lowest HIV/AIDS rate in the world


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Let Them Eat Cake

Well.....says WHO??? The society that does not live in Reality? I have no met even a single HIV infected Somali who calmly or openly says

"I have HIV"

And i am a nurse. (oooops did i expose myself?)

I hear a lot of

"I have Cancer" though



Every somali W is like a monkeys pawn whats the caviot yaa bani xashim :sass1:what sort of shit have reer caadan oo dolka madowga dagaan done


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Islamic Africa is AIDS free while Christian Africa has it en masse. Islam will prevail always
While this is true but there is something you need to consider.

Muslims are not open to fornication like non-Muslims who proudly brag about it. They only keep it to themselves for extremely obvious reasons so they’re less likely to get tested and ignore the symptoms.

I remembered reading various Muslim majority ethnic forums back then (before social media killed it), many Muslim forumers shared stories of hearing how one got sick and discovering their partners had those diseases and strongly advocated testing in their countries before marriages because of it.

So, it is a widespread issue but we will never know the real statistics. Not to mention, the lack of resources etc.
Sudan?! @Nomoregames2019 explain pls.
Type on the Google search browser "HIV/AIDs amongst the female sex workers in Khartoum"(most of the data found about this won't tell you about nationalities of these female sex workers in Khartoum but 99.9 percent of them are either Habesha women or South Sudanese women) and also type in afterwards on the Google search browser "the HIV/AIDs rates in South Sudan".