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Any self respecting man must boycott Rahma Ali


Khat Chewer
Haye what do they expect in weddings some good looking farax with a 2/10 wa yaab wallahi iyo billahi.

why should Somali men bother with their looks when 90 percent of them are gonna marry a Somali women :chrisfreshhah:

In most ethnicities the women look far better than the men with one exception ( I won’t say which but it starts with b and ends in u) :silanyolaugh:


PIM enforcer
Advice for guys who wanna compete with women on beauty..
Just put up a ton of makeup with fake eyelashes etc, be a photoshop expert and act overly dramatic and gods gift to earth.. Also have a gang of followers that gasses you up 24/7.. You might be able to beat the xalimos if you can manage all this shit..
I prefer staying ugly :denzelnigga:


King of NSFW
Never heard of her before and I don't plan on watching her anytime soon so this won't be hard for me :manny:

Also im not gay so obviously in my eyes somali women are sexier than somali men :manny:
i see somali girls tweeting something like this once in awhile and they always get 2k likes/rts :mjlaugh:
I don’t like men competing with women and vice versa. If beauty is that important to them, shouldn’t they compete with other women. Imagine if a guy said similar thing. Somali guys look better than Somali girls. Guys would slaughter him and rightly so

Odkac WRLD

Free my niggas Haqin and AhmedSmelly out the cages
As soon as I seen the secessionist identification bracelet on her wrist, she lost all her attraction in my eyes :ileycry:
She likely doesn’t get the background of the secession movement at all, but still wants to flex with her nonexistent country :mjlol: