Any other clubbers having withdrawals


Your feet look like two sacks of shit
I was being sacastic. I have never been inside those stink zones. The people waiting outside whenever I drive past look like miserable sheep.
Shurmurda you wouldn't last 5 minutes on my old block, it's pretty rough. Fuller Park neighborhood is one of the most dangerous neighborhood in Chicago.


King Of NSFW
Only true alkies can handle that

Hahah I taught my block somersbury fuck that hard licks
That's whack akhi when we drink we want to get blackout drunk and forget wtf we did. We want to wake up in the morning not remembering nothing lol give me the hardest licks and some xannies I'll float :mjhaps:


North-West, London
I miss skipping the queue because your a regular

I miss flirting with middle aged white woman who got young dark men fetish.

I miss catching a wine from the gyal with the biggest back on the dance floor.

I miss faking being drunk, even though been drinking redbull the whole night.

I miss making Somali tings feel akward in the club when they are drinking.

I miss my Algerian and Moroccan brothers recklessness on the dance floor.

So much I miss about clubbing man.:tocry: