Anglos Team Up Against China

Thats media propaganda, everything is always blamed on Iran while the gulf especially saudi which sent bombs to Yemen is overlooked and never questioned. Iran is the only country i'd every want Somalia to align with. The gulf has played a role in meddling with Somalia and still people show them love sad stuff. But of course they're arab we gotta suck them off huh :sass2:
don't they hate Sunnis or something
The EAC is a step in that direction but it doesn't resemble a conventional regional bloc just yet.

The Horn is still just discussing the formation of a bloc:

an east African bloc would be awesome and beneficial if the leaders of east Africa weren't such raging retards
Taiwan will fall. It is inevitable. After China retakes Taiwan life will continue. Australia needs China more than its allies. China has no need to invade Australia since that would start WW3. They will focus on Africa.

Finland borders a nuclear power so it is understandable that there is a need for an increased defence budget.
The Chinese retaking Taiwan could also spark WW3. I believe the USA is treaty bound to defend Taiwan if they're attacked.
Ask the average American if they would like to die for some Chinese in Asia. WW3 won't happen over Taiwan.
The US Government will likely ignore public opinion. I’m not saying WW3 is guaranteed if Taiwan was to be invaded, but the chances are high since the US government always look out for the Military industrial complex interests.
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