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An African American hotep claim to be a real somaliAN

That's it. African Americans are undefeated.

How can you outbox your shadow? They won. Khalaas, the GOAT sub-saharan Africans descendants. The face of the black world and p4p the number 1 cultural force in the WORLD.
Wait.. They maybe up to something. They could say all humans originated from Africa, and thus from African descent. Shieet, they definitely won.
At first it was funny but, its actually more sad than funny. Must be horrible not having an identity and you jump from claiming one group after another. I bet she doesnt even who her father is and yet, here she is claiming two groups who are different from each other, Somalis and ancient Egyptians. What a sad and confused woman.


Like Donald Trump, I like to be Spanked.
Let Them Eat Cake
It's turned out to be the former alshabaab media officer, Hassan haji hanafi
Good lord, his smile can give a psychological trauma for the rest of your life

Never though Id see the day we'd be We Wuzz Kanged like they always do to Egypt and Israel.
Pure culture vultures, funny thread tho.

The Smooth-Operator

Guys.. I was thinking, imagine if all these blm, sjw xalimos made it to the hood settled down and eventually a conflict between them and the black j4reer women broke out.. And you could bet your money on the winner, who will you bet it on.. Lets say they were going fight it out like two monkeys who who hate each other with all their guts locked in a cage together they and had to settle things on who's the boss.


I thank Allah everyday that I was born a beautiful Muslim Somali and not a African Decedent of Slaves.

I can't imagine not knowing my identity and culture.

Alxamdulilah x1000
African American's history despite not being super long is still extremely impressive, they have accomplished great feats and overcame incredible struggles. There's a lot to be proud of, dunno why they're seeking to attach themselves to other cultures.


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