Am I a R@cist

Am i racist?

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I find some east asian men attractive, but only from afar. I feel sick of the thought of being intimate with a guy with east asian physical features. Before i became tolerant of them, i used to not look at a korean classmate during lunch because then i couldn't finish my lunch because of nausea. But now i can think one is goodlooking, but i can't be with one. Other than that, i'm okay with every other race.
So, am i a racist? I respect them as human beings tho...:yacadiim:

I think im racist to bantus aswell. Indians too...polish people too, russians too...okay nevermind.

I'm just racist in general

Edo Nene

SUGAR breasts
No I'm from Australia.
First of, they are haters especially the non Muslims. They always talk shit about Islam. Yet, their people so extreme, killing innocents because of eating beef and being a female.
Secondly, they don't don't bath. This goes both non Muslim and Muslim south Asians. So many times I came across smelly paki and Bengali girls.
Thirldly, they are racist towards dark skinned people. I love white people. Always suck up to the cadans.
Lastly, I hate them because they don't bathe.
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