Alcohol in Somaliland


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If your a sterotypical wahhabi fuck this post is not for you. Its so daam hard just to get a drink Somaliland im here on a vacation and i need a drink braaah. I know theres alcohol in Wajaale for sure but do you have to croos the ethopian side or is it in the somali side. Is it sold at a store or by locals being slick. Any idea where to get it will be greatly appreciated im heading out to wajaale tommorow and i need to know where i can buy it. And dont be like noo haraam its illegal nigga i dont give a french mens fuuuuck understand? Thank you.

Bloody alcoholic.


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These are the only momemts that I'm happy i dont actually drink alcohol. Dude out here driving village to village to find himself a sip and brotha cant even enjoy his whole vacation:snoop: :mjlaugh: