1. H

    Alcohol in Somaliland

    If your a sterotypical wahhabi f*ck this post is not for you. Its so daam hard just to get a drink Somaliland im here on a vacation and i need a drink braaah. I know theres alcohol in Wajaale for sure but do you have to croos the ethopian side or is it in the somali side. Is it sold at a store...
  2. Medulla

    Regular Things That Are Illegal In North Korea

    Imagine a place where your internet is regulated your comments removed and censored whilst this is all covered up. A powerful regulation board that pretends to be fair and honest to the outsiders, whilst subjecting it's citizen to it's tyrannicalh system that they can't rebel against. That is...
  3. Prince Abubu

    Illegal Fishing destroying Somalia's reserves

    Somali fishermen complain about illegal vessels Link: This is what we should be worried about, not crying over dhegcas that are polluting and stealing our resources. Of course, the...