Akafi out the closet

@Muslim I agree yet they are here condescending their inferiority complex to people who regard them as waste .

This guy rambles about his qabiil doesn't he know the sultan and his tiny minions themselves were seen bending over to the Italians(the weakest colonial empire of all time) imagine begging the same gaalo to attack the sayyid's fortress in Taleex

How can you be proud of yourself and live like this when it only took weeks for primitive Injirleyda with their bows and arrows to wipe out Mussolini's entire East African Battalion Fleet

Yet you are here rambling about your superiority , in the old days you were referred to Naago like your Ayraab masters.
What I hate the most is somalis who are proud of fighting for britian against the sayyids and somalis who seeks help from axmaar and amisom against fellow somalis. It makes my blood boil walal.