African bathing in water fountain in Germany


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Let Them Eat Cake

Now that man i can NEVER say he has a small penis. I am kinda violated here. is he Ethiopian?? He baths like he is from the village
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I think he shat his pants and quickly did mental math if it would be more embarrassing to take the buss home smelling like shit or getting in the fountain :cosbyhmm:


"You are your best thing"
Show me where it says he is Somali?:ufdup:
He looks more like the hilib caayrin lovers next door.


His face isn’t so clear. But whatever he is, it’s definitely some form of Horn African.

This is how FOBs act no matter where they’re from :vo3yidw:
People from backward countries need to be explicitly instrucuted on how to behave in developed countries. We who were born or raised in the West were socialized from a young age on normative behavior in the West---using deodorant, not speaking loudly, concealing politically incorrect views, not bathing in public---but these FOBs never went through that socialization, and where they grew up something like this would not be so shocking. Unfortunately for them, the FOBs arrived in the West during an era of radical political correctness and cultural relativism, so nobody provides them the explicit cultural instruction that they need. In earlier eras, immigrants recieved this. German Jews, for example, use to explicitly teach their poorer Eastern European kin on how to use soap and water, and with what frequency. Yet we Somali diaspora are too PC to help these FOBs, we'd rather laugh at them behind their back while being afraid to educate them, because we do not want to come off as patronizing or insensatitive. But when it comes to integrating a backward people, sensatitivty and fear of hurting feelings needs to take a backseat to reality. The barbaric behavior of FOBs tarnishes us all.
Did that dude actually wave to the camera?

I wouldn't be surprised if this white dude paid the poor immigrant to do it, just to record him and make immigrants look bad.