Abdiwali Gaas's guards shoot at Traditional Elder, take his car away and beat him

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سلطنة مجرتين
He hails from one of the founders of the city who have large base in Bosaso and surrounding areas.

Since when is the nabadoon from the founders of Bosaso or surronding areas when the city was founded by Bah Garen and Deshishe, hell even Dubays of warsangeli have more claim to the city then harago:deadrose:
Tucking you do not know what you talking about!

I cannot start informing you. You either know what you are talking about or leave the matter.

Who is Elder Xarago?

You shoot yourself in the foot like Abdiwali Gaas with his brazen attack on Elders.
The counterfeit money, that was imported from the south, and its issues happened a month ago. The soldiers committed a mutiny 6 months ago. The army officers publicly apologised to the puntite nation and said they were wrong in using state's holiest asset, which is its army, for political gain.

You're mixing up a lot of things.
That was a clear cover up.Dont tell me you believe that, the fact of the matter is that Gaas printed that counterfeit money to pay off his debts.This is why the counterfeit cash started out localised in Puntland than moved off into other parts of the country.
The elders are the main ones that push for women to be opressed and are obviously funded by saudi goatrabia so maybe his guards were onto something
Nabadoon Xarago who is the spokesmen for the traditional elders in Bari region of Puntland Somalia today survived an assissination attempt.

Guards from the Abdiwali Gaas shot at his car and then ordered him out of the car, then proceeded to hit him.

The guards then took his RA4 and drove it to the Presidential Palace in Bosaso.

The guards that did this to him belong to Abdiwali Gaas's guards and the bodyguards of one of his ministers from the UK Saciid Maxamed Raage.

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He looks like a Sikh elder .
Maraq well they call his subclan Pashtun (harmless joke). He is the turbinator ready to defend Puntland from Gaas's treachery through civil means i.e courts and organising to speak out against corruption and the concerns of the wider populance.

Gaas is afraid, hence his guards going around stealing and beating the Elders of Bari region.
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