A western passport can do you wonder back home

You can literally get any girls with a western passport. We own a grocery store right next to our house which we manage in the the morning. I and my uncle flirt with any hot girls that come to our store. We took some local girls to Berbera beach recently and we bring our girlfriends to our rooms at night secretly. Btw my uncle is married and has a young child.
Do what if he is married unless he got four wives than no problem
ofc somali passport is useless compared to western passports lool, just don't get these poor girls pregnant and leave them.
Their way to smart to get preho without that visa to the west.well atleast the ones from pl and jl plus kenya are


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:farole: Somali guys back there also want a bassaboor. This one was harassing me for the past 16 years.

"How you see if we make relationship?"

:deadrose: kkkkkkkkkk
My facebuug is full of them, i dont even bother with Western ones no more.

Their shukaansi is much more feminine and enjoyable


It's all so tiresome
Can't really blame the women since it's their only ticket out.

Just wish they had access to information so that they could filter out all the losers who return to Somalia because they can't hack it in the west.