A statue of George Floyd in New York


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The irony is since his death at least dozen if not more police killings took place that no one noticed or no media covered. Even 2 outta those were unarmed black children shot dead. No riots took place and George Floyd death changed nothing. This whole pretense that somehow his murder evoked change and now everything is better and we’re best the era of police brutality is one of the biggest bs I’ve ever seen smh

I would argue that it did. Breonna Taylor's name become more prominent as well as Jacob Blake and Winston Smith. What is different is that there is no president that actively used their deaths for political point scoring and threatened to shoot protestors, therefore reducing the amount of airtime they got.

Here is a pic of riots that happened in MN 2 weeks ago.



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Imagine dieing in that horrible way and what you get a statue that the city gonna benefit from it :wow:

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Giving a felon a statue because he got murdered by a police officer. Why don’t they give Breonna Taylor a statue also while they’re at it. She also got murdered by the police :mjdontkno: