Breaking News A New PM Gets Named


باسمك اللهم
He's a probably a YES MAN for Farmaajo. We knew he'd appoint an unknown dude from the slums.
I want to send special congrats to my Sacad brother @Mckenzie
My bro, I called this nearly 2 months Ago :westbrookswag:

On the 31st July i stated,

HG is favourite. Governo Sacad is coming back :westbrookswag:

I have to thank former GM President Dhegajuun who has worked hard behind closed doors to cement the Qatar-GalMudug relations and his wife the beautiful Xamari Marwo Khadiijo Makhzuumi who also tapped in Iraqi resources.

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On the 12th August, Current GalMudug President met Former GalMudug President in Turkey


The PM is a Reer Hilowle oil engineer. Pree the date he sent his Cover Letter.


Sacad Saliid Gang (SSG) :wow:

I knew the last 3 shortlisted but i won't disclose what conditions were set. Let's just say the other two pulled out.

Hopefully he steers us through the election process, Sacad was overdue this position since Cabdi Sabriye oo Cayr ah is the Interior Minister and GM Pres is Saleebaan.

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