A brother has a wife who can't cook


Ha igu daalinee dantaada raac
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Even a world class chef if he was invited over for dinner by his friend he wouldn’t talk I’ll about the food he was served he would mind his business and enjoy the company
I went one a day trip with a few brothers and the food was provided by one of them which was made by his xaas. It had no flavour or taste. It was honestly not fit for even a child who cannot speak about their displeasure.


I was quite angry because he should not have offered to provide the food. When you go on short trips, you eat at restaurants. I had to confirm with the others that I was not wrong and they asked me to not bring up this issue with him but they agreed.

He is our good friend and he should not be subjected to this at the home. He was desperate for a wife a few years ago that I think he has overlooked this obvious flaw and this food was offered because he has lost the taste in his tongue.

I am contemplating telling him about this concern. His kids may resort to eating chicken and chips everyday when they become older and he may be embarassed in the future when others find out (I hope he never had to provide food to marti).
Looool he took a L imagine getting married for your wife to Cook Qashin everyday I would divorce same day kkkk