4th wave has started in France

My GP's been texting me more than a crazed ex about the vaccine too.
I love how Bojo was threatening young people with vaccine passports for clubs :hemad:
Such shit Turk boy, I'm not taking your fertility-killer juice lol.
My college is gonna make it mandatory so I might have to take it
I think the youth will start acting up if they continue to crash the economy for a flu.


Stimulus checks kept people passive in 2020, but if they ruin the economy by 2022 or 2023 the above might happen all over the West.
We gonna loot unuka leh style :stevej:
North America aint locking down again. The first couple lockdowns got our economy in shambles. Plus no one will accept it there’s gonna be riots in the streets

This new wave is mostly among the unvaccinated so they’re just gonna tell everybody to go get a vaccine and keep it moving


Veni Vidi Vici

I don't think UK will go back to lockdowns, BOJO won't risk his popularity or the economy no more for covid

But in bad news

There must be something about this corona that we don’t know. Why they freaking out over something with a 99% survival rate
Its because the survival rate plummets for older aged people and those who have been previously sick.

Since Older people are generally richer they have more political clout.


happy accidents, not mistakes :)
people please don't gamble with your life, get vaccinated :)
My college is gonna make it mandatory so I might have to take it
If you're in America you can easily fake one of those cucked little vaccine cards.
The temples are everywhere online. I doubt your schools admit team is that dedicated lol, it's most just for liability reasons when they start face-to-face teaching again. If they use apps/QR codes you're fukt lol