25% of Somalis in MN smoke cigs


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Modeled after validated state and national tobacco use surveys, the survey was adapted for Somalis and administered to ethnically Somali adults (N=392) from 25 neighborhood clusters in Minnesota. Participants were chosen through probability proportional to size and multistage random sampling methods.

Estimated prevalence for cigarette use among Somalis was 24% (44% among men, 4% among women). Ever users were significantly more likely to be men, have attended college, and have friends who used cigarettes (p<0.0001). Belief in Islamic prohibition of tobacco was protective and affected current use and future intention to use tobacco (p<0.0001). The majority of Somali smokers were unwilling to use current cessation programs.
Fenty with cigs in the morning :ahh::lawd:


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They need to stop all drugs.

I know somalis who are normal people, that just start casually smoking habitually. They had no need to, but they do it anyway. A cursed people.
Only idiots or people suffering from depression/suicide smoke cigarettes. Today everyone on earth knows about the negative side effects.


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If you smoke it moderately it's ok (I'm not a smoker). Excessive smoking is what causes issues relating to health problems same as drinking
As a people we should drop cigarettes and khat....it's not good for us.

We should be dealing with marijuana :russsmug:

It's sustainable and the crop can be used for multiple different functions, and the geetho would probably cool down many hot heads.:mjhaps:
Don't give it to people with history of mental illness though :whoa: