2 UK Khasaaro Yutes Fight In Borama

Awdalia Rising

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This how you fish and chips wasteyutes fight? Looked like some aggressive dancing to me. What, if there’s no knife involved you guys have 0 clue what to do huh? :mjlaugh:

title got me ded fight for a plane ticket back to London kulaha:russ:

Awdalia Rising

SSpot Special Correspondent
You wanted to post about Borama and all you came up with was two prepubescent kids from Engriska fighting. I'm sure you can do a little better, son.

wtf are you talking about? I would have posted this with or without location being known. It’s about the UK khasaaro!. Move around


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Don’t make me call your Aabo wallahi. Keep playing with me see where it gets you :silanyolaugh:

Be my guest I'd welcome it actually. I must expand my network so I can find a suitable man from Beesha that pops will approve of. You can serve as one of my many marriage contractors by directing us to your handsome, older, learned and successful cousins from the DMV. Gotta seize the moment. :gaasdrink: Do not fret. I also have @HMuuse and @CaliTedesse I can use for assistance in this undertaking.
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Khasaaro Ciyaal UK, then fight like kids, they look under age though:cosbyhmm:


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