13 years old children ‘wed’ in Burao, Somaliland

BURAO (HOL) - A 13-year-old boy and a girl of similar age ‘tied the knot’ Friday in Burao in Somaliland to become a husband and wife generating widespread reaction in the social media.

Pictures circulating in the social media show the visibly young teenagers after their supposed

A post in a Facebook page where the pictures first surfaced indicates the two wedded in a ceremony attended ‘by several people from within and in the outskirts of Burco’.

The post indicates the two children are both aged 13 years.

According to Somaliland Constitution, adulthood starts from the age of 15 though international
standards define an adult as someone of the 18 and above. The Federal Constitution has aligned itself with the internationally recognized age of 18.

Despite the legal framework, underage marriage in Somalia is still common as was the case
witnessed in Burco. According to a report by Save the Children in 2017, early marriage prevalence in Somalia stands at 14% with higher rates recorded in south and central parts of the country.

At least it’s not an old man marrying the girl.

These are good looking kids MashAllah. They should be given time to find themselves and make their own decisions. Their brain is not fully developed yet.


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At age 12 I was hunting girls 3-5 years older than me :trumpsmirk:
When I was 11 there was a boy in my class who was dating a 14/15 year old girl who was 3 classes above us. The height difference was mad. I was soo disturbed :vqbuyv0:


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Mashallah. Keeping the rites of the father and the grandfathers


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At this age, I was a Ciyaal, still a mommys boy!, yet there is someone married at this age!


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