13 year old kids married in Somaliland in 2019

I don't really.

However, in a country where little girls are married off to old men, this is a far better option so I am happy to see this instead of this shit:




i was indifferent to Somali land until this f*ck that place
Kids back home mature fast walahi when I was 13 I wasn’t even thinking about boys like that let alone want to marry one. Just had innocent schoolgirl crushes but that’s it lmao

This arrangement is not ideal (how will he provide for her?) but like others have said it’s better that they’re the same age rather than an oday with a young girl

King Khufu

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This has been part of our culture for long time now.
Certainly Refreshing (There's hope for us out there.)
I don’t see any issue in this? This was quite normal among our grandparents generation or in pre modern societies, only modern Western society has made it a taboo. May Allah bless their marriage.
people of that generation were more mentally mature in the west that wouldn't fly because kids are coddled here and don't develop maturity until about 18 or 20s if they are really dumb, but marrying a young girl to an older man is still not good because of the imbalance of power and the ew factor.
I seriously don't they'll live together alone, they've still growing up and schooling to do. Plus no way he can provide for the family at that age.
Teens at that age develop feelings and some of them have needs, that's why they sneak around and have boyfriends and girlfriends. It's better to make it halal and if she gets pregnant so be it.

Yes, the bar is in hell. This is Somalia/Land. The land where some old fart can get married to a 13 year old girl. So yes, i'd rather see young 'love', than imagine the horror of an old man on top of a child.

*Personally, I wouldn't want my child to be married at that age and I'd rather they abstain until they're more mature. Also, the boy has to provide and how will he do that as a child.
Why the singling out of somalia as if r kelly is also from there or the biggest purveyor of child abuse images 8 million wasnt just arrested in ireland.

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