1 of MY HOBBIES is to cook off of YT. I’ve decided to finally learn how to cook this Somali staple


A mere finger can’t obscure the sun.
She just wants to criticize me.

A geeljire who is self sufficient in food making is rare.

She outa salute me
Nothing impressive sxb. I don’t know why Faraxs expect praise for demonstrating basic life skills.
Good initiative brother :farmajoyaab:

I also need to improve my cooking skills, depending on others for food is a sign of weakness, just like depending on others for money or shelter is weakness. As a child you are naturally weaker than an adult. You cannot support yourself. To live that way forever means you are entirely weak.
Why soy milk? And no sugar? Your malawax must’ve tasted like qaashin.
Heard the most ridiculous thing before:farmajoyaab:, that "Soy milk turns boys gay". I don’t know the the legitimacy of that statement but I’m not trying to find out, since then I try to steer away from soy milk and other soy products LOL


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