1. Shakespeare_aabihiis


    I made a post yesterday about a man who knowingly gave a girl HIV. It now turns out the girl was lying all along. Apparently the guys legal team presented his MyChart which indicated he tested negative for HIV. She has now made her social media accounts private. :kanyehmm...
  2. Shakespeare_aabihiis

    Warning for those who engage in zina

    Her life is now changed forever. For the rest of her life she will have to take pills to suppress this disease. https://x.com/prettylikecryss/status/1744092252715073665?s=46&t=lkyFu3xCgRjqe1bS0GjUQw
  3. Prettymuslim94

    saudi girl

    one of my little homies whose 18 years old impregnated a saudi woman whose 22 right after high school. Now he plans to go to college and leave the saudi woman and the son who will be born in 6 months inshallah in saudi arabia. :faysalwtf: I feel like it's my fault for telling him it's ok to mess...
  4. HuunoHunter

    Tragic Tale of a Muslim Brother's Cheating Wife and Her Family.

    My heart goes out to this brother walahi. His duas were accepted. Subhan Allah. :kendrickcry: My name is Nurkey, I’m male and I really need your help to overcome this. I married my uncle’s daughter through a halal nikah witnessed by her father, two other elder uncles, and family. We lived...
  5. HuunoHunter

    Have I committed Zina?

    Back in October I met this peng ting in the Boxing Society, she was half Cape Verdean and half Lebanese. We chatted after a good boxing session, and I took her phone number and SC. We kept regular contact whenever we met every tuesday night at the boxing club. About 3 days ago she called me...