1. Prettymuslim94

    saudi girl

    one of my little homies whose 18 years old impregnated a saudi woman whose 22 right after high school. Now he plans to go to college and leave the saudi woman and the son who will be born in 6 months inshallah in saudi arabia. :faysalwtf: I feel like it's my fault for telling him it's ok to mess...
  2. HuunoHunter

    Tragic Tale of a Muslim Brother's Cheating Wife and Her Family.

    My heart goes out to this brother walahi. His duas were accepted. Subhan Allah. :kendrickcry: My name is Nurkey, I’m male and I really need your help to overcome this. I married my uncle’s daughter through a halal nikah witnessed by her father, two other elder uncles, and family. We lived...
  3. HuunoHunter

    Have I committed Zina?

    Back in October I met this peng ting in the Boxing Society, she was half Cape Verdean and half Lebanese. We chatted after a good boxing session, and I took her phone number and SC. We kept regular contact whenever we met every tuesday night at the boxing club. About 3 days ago she called me...