1. Genesis

    Somali wedding gets shot up in Canada!!

    I've never heard of a wedding ever being shot up before, these guys are crazy :mindblown: Our resident Canadians @Shmurda @The Good, can you explain what has happened here?
  2. Odkac WRLD

    My Cousins Marriage Prospects ( not what you think)

    So my cuzzo, my old role model, the big bro is preparing to ask for this girls hand by meeting her dad. Real traditional. He works for a pretty well know tech company and makes serious $$$. We in Cali and the girl is UK so he gonna grab some of us his abtis in the area and talk to the dad...
  3. Odkac WRLD

    Costs and components of a traditional Somali wedding in the west.

    I am not very informed on my culture to my shame, but I was wondering if you guys could break down what happens during a Somali wedding, what you need, and the costs.
  4. Guts

    Mashallah Reiko got married..

    and she made her husband get a horse for the wedding just to show off puntlands national animal :banderas:Congrats sister i thought that you would never get married @Reiko I will see a ton of xalimos hate on her for no reason :damedamn:
  5. Monisha Hershey

    Awww he cried♡

    This is such a beautiful moment :it0tdo8:
  6. MariaMaria

    Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle Royal Wedding LIVE STREAM

    idc what anyone says I love weddings
  7. Jodeci

    Muslim Men's responsibility in marriage

    In order to clear up misconceptions of what people were taught. I figure I could try and educate some people. Here are the responsibility of a Muslim man when he is married. During the Marriage Providing financially for his wife and child(ren) Paying her Mehr Supporting the family Providing...
  8. Xooshdheere

    Kpop at Somali wedding....

  9. TheMadMullah

    When a Farah marries out vs when xalimo marries out

    from this two pictures we can clearly see who has higher standards. So I would let you guys do the final judgement! Farah with a cuban cutie Xalimo with a half gorilla inbreed:mjlol:
  10. Lalune

    Do Somali's take marriage too lightly?

    I've always felt this and I can see it looking at the marriages of both the older and younger generation. People go into marriage naive and unprepared. A lot of times, they have major mental or health issues that they have not addressed and kept hidden form their potential spouse and there is...