1. Mohsin

    War broke out in Burco as Hargeisa divided into 2 Somaliland election results

    Burco in state of war while Hargeisa is divided into 2
  2. Mohsin

    WADDANILAND President

    Waddaniland president Indho Sheel in Sanaag
  3. Mohsin

    Somaliland unfair election -main opposition leader

    Waddani Leader says election was unfair Source BBC Somali http://www.bbc.com/somali/42062035
  4. Mohsin

    Somaliland evidance of unfair election

  5. Mohsin

    2 Shot Dead in Somaliland as Opposition Party Calls Voting Rigged

    FILE - Opposition candidate Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi speaks to the media after casting his vote in the presidential election in Hargeisa, in the semi-autonomous region of Somaliland, in Somalia, Nov. 13, 2017. "We have suspended participating in the counting process, data entry and the...
  6. Mohsin

    Adna Aden Cried after fighting broke out in Somaliland ,elections Results

    Chief of the Somaliland delegation, Talks Somaliland and Somalia Federal Government cried after fighting broke out due to Somaliland election results
  7. Mohsin

    UAE forged Somaliland Voting Papers: Unfair election

    UAE owned Company Forged voting papers giving extra voting Papers to KULMIYE WADDANI party commissioners says elections in Unfair d party
  8. Mohsin

    WADDANI says Kulmiye is Fake news, were are sure our victory

  9. Mohsin

    WADDANI party is The winner 56% of the votes in Somaliland

    Goobjoogayaasha Waddani oo bulshada u sheegay inay codadkii ugu badnaa ka heleen Togdheer sool iyo Awdal
  10. Mohsin

    Ismaiil Yare trashes warmonger Muse Bihi and silanyo in powerful speech

    Hargeisa Waddani politician who hails same clan Muse Bihi trashes in powerful speech both Current president Silanyo and the candidate of KULMIYE party calling him warmonger and trash bag. He called President silanyo Tripalist undemocratic crazy man
  11. Mohsin

    Somaliland Second Presidential Debate 9.11.2017

    Topic Somaliland recognition , somaliland and Somalia federal Government talks, Gulf crisis , Berbera UAE military base, foreign workers in Somaliland
  12. A

    Bohol showing off his wadanni dance moves

    @Bohol :mjlaugh:
  13. Mohsin

    SL police arrests KULMIYE politicians paying Voting cards from poor families in Hargeisa

    police al least 62 card , Politicians were giving poor families some food and water then taking their cards and destroying it, this election is going like Kenyan election , labada habrood waa isku boodayan ayaan u malaynayaa sanadkan
  14. Mohsin

    Laacaanod welcomes Waddani Cirro, expels Kulmiye

    Watch Laascaanood
  15. Mohsin

    Laacaanood expelled Muse biixi with gunfire

  16. Mohsin

    Who is Muuse Bixi ? -Warmonger

    Gacan ku dhiigle dagaal ooge thief The witness
  17. Mohsin

    Heavy gun fire can be heard in Hargaysa now

    I do not know what is going on
  18. Mohsin

    KULMIYE warmonger swear to start war at Berbera somaliland

    One of the KULMIYE warmongers swear and promised to start war at Berbera if any body call Muse Bixi a war monger
  19. Mohsin

    Somaliland Is Sharia allow muslims to vote war criminal who killed innocent muslims?

    Muse Bihi Abdi is a war criminal he killed a lot of muslims because of their clan , some somalilanders are voting for him because he is Mujahid as they say,and some are voting for him because He hails from their clan , I want to ask this question the Ulama and whose who known islamic sharia
  20. Mohsin

    KULMIYE top secret leaked!

    Habar Yoonis will call us Oromo and Habar jeclo deceived us