uk somalis

  1. Helios

    TRENDING NEWS UK School Forces Somali Girl to Dress Immodestly

    Shameful stuff they can't get worse Somalis have been attacking the principal (@UHSPrincipal) of Siham's Uxbridge school on twitter tho :mjlaugh:
  2. C-Town

    where does this hate against reer uk come from?

    i have been on this shit for a day now and have seen alot of uk hate wagwan
  3. Odkac WRLD

    Game of Trading Diasporas

    Alright guys You have to leave your home country and pack your bags to a new diaspora. You’ll maintain the same lifestyle in the new country...just pick And you can’t pick your own country, for example I’m voting Sweden


    UKDRILL revolves around a prominent locally grown subgenre of Drill music, UK Drill. Originating in Brixton from 2012 onwards, the genre has achieved national mainstream success under brutal scrutiny from the police. If you'd like to discuss ukdrill or other uk sub genres this is the place...
  5. Nin-culus

    Somalis from the uk - the final thread

    @MSGA Listen, stop ganging against uk Somali’s u fluffy nigga U look soft asf. Stop generalising us all. I’m a Somali nigga from England. And I don’t get disrespected by anyone. Madow chicks acc love me. Putting us all in the same bag, Somalis generally used to be victims in low class banter...
  6. CanIDimo

    This guy needs to be stopped- geeljire delusionary

    This guy is touring the mosques in Londonistan holding lengthy lecturers about how he was once a top selling artists who had a charting album :gucciwhat:and that he gave up his multi million dollar lucrative career in the music industry for THE SEEK OF ALLAH. MASHALLAH it's something to...
  7. Cazzo

    Muslim Man Assaulted By Alt-right Liverpool

    I'm crying, guys :jcoleno::jcoleno:Y'all know this would be blowing up across the right-winged community if the roles were reversed. This week in Brietbart: MUSLIM MAN SEXUALLY ASSAULTS INNOCENT BRITISH WOMAN. Wallahi, gaals are literal :trash: P.S @Reer UK, is this how y'all legit talk...
  8. CanIDimo

    Somali ufc fighters dominating the scene

    This reer xamar nigga representing somalia masahllah, he annihilated this reer cornor mcgregor guy. Do i see our own somali khabib Nurmagomedov in the making ???:ohhh: here is another somali guy(somali father, cadaan dutch mother) with so much finesse. A BEAST:ohhhdamn: