1. Sibeliooo

    How's dating with Somalian man?

    I'm a Turkish woman and dating with a Somalian man from Ethiopia (He live in Turkey for 10 years and has Turkey id, and know the Turkish culture) We are 25-28 years old and together for just a few weeks. But there is a difference between Turkish men and Somalian men. I don't know why but he is...
  2. CaliTedesse

    Somalia putting in work deploying Turkish trained Somali soldiers in Baidoa

    A few of my cousins are there along with other Turkish trained Somali soldiers. I encourage more Reer Awdal to become part of military. This is a job and many people are jobless in the North. This way they can sustain their families. We need more work. A lot of youth are jobless in the North...