1. Bringer of Wisdom

    Patrick Lyoya Michigan shooting

    Is it just me that thinks this Patrick guy is in the wrong? He's from the DRC for f*ck's sake. This should be looked at through a different lens than when an African-American is shot. THIS IS AN AFRICAN MAN! HE KNOWS NOT TO f*ck WITH THE POLICE!!!:snoop:
  2. J

    TRIGGER WARNING Anti Somali hate by black people

    I know some of you lot think this “race/ Somalis aren’t black debacle/debate is rinsed out and soo 2016. Wallahi I’m absolutely exhausted and I don’t want to paint myself as a victim because I absolutely can’t stand people feeling sorry for me. However, I feel like I need to say this as I’m...
  3. T

    Racist Arab Syrian girl harasses Somalis

  4. T


    Translation: kids making the sign of the humanist david's star sent by Sudanese national Bilal. David's star is considered one of the most important symbols of Jewish people.
  5. Zoobear

    NSFW When keeping it real goes wrong!

    An armed society is a polite one. This video reminded me of sspot where a simple topic can quickly degenerate into nonsense.
  6. Aurelian

    NSFW A young girl held captive for years

    "A young girl held captive for a number of years in #Jigjiga has finally been freed. Dr Hassan Bade is the brother of Abiwasac Bade who is part of the executive committee of #EPP kept a young girl named Nadiro Makahil hostage at his home and repeatedly abused her. The young girl was brutally...
  7. Odkac WRLD

    Shooting at Kenosha protests last night.

    Big, big, big trigger warning. This clip is not for the faint of heart. There is a good amount of blood at the end, so consider this a warning. Here is the video clip. And the news article. Perpetrator was a 17 year old from Antioch, Illinois. Such a senseless loss of life...
  8. Prettymuslim94

    George floyd isn't that oppressed

    Or :ayaanswag: