1. amiirad

    Asc Gabdho

    I haven’t been posting on SSpot I have been busy with studies. I recently had a discussion about traveling to Somalia alone. What do you guys think?
  2. Manafesto

    TRENDING NEWS A Somali Girl Wants to travel all over the world using a Somali Passport

    Not bad looking. I wonder how many countries she would make it to before a Farah knocks her up.:sass2: :whoo:
  3. Sultan A. Sheikh

    Somalia Summer 2021!?

    Hey imagine if all the diaspora from US, UK, Australia, Scandinavia etc all linked up in Somalia (Mogadishu, Hargeisa etc...) once this pandemics over or even during it because I'm this close to booking a flight to Somalia instead of spending years in my man cave reading forums tbh I can...
  4. strawberrii

    Travel pictures

    Even though we’re all stuck inside our houses right now, let’s dig up some old travel pictures to post. I’m sure you guys have some nice photos somewhere, right?
  5. Karim

    Trump weighs Expanding Travel Ban to 7 Additional Countries

  6. Genesisx72

    What was your favorite foreign country that you visited?

    My favourite by far was China, people were friendly and the country was gorgeous
  7. Guts

    What are you doing this summer? Offical Thread

    This thread is created so you can share with us your plans, you can also ask advice on what to do in your trip destination if someone has been there before. I will start, I’m going to Alanya, Turkey this summer and i can’t wait because it’s a good tourist destination. From what i have seen on...
  8. B

    This channel is addicting

    his channel is growing very fast
  9. Zach

    Going MIA for weeks

    Our Flight is going in 35 min, just saying goodbye for the next month or so. Hope I don’t get killed in Mexico, jk Ok, see ya :yousmart:
  10. MariaMaria

    Top 5 countries you want to visit?

    ...and why? Japan - visit Mount Fuji Thailand - kayaking at James Bond Island Greece - Island hopping Cuba - drive around Havana in a classic Oldsmobile Fiji - visit Tavoro Waterfalls :axvmm9o:
  11. MariaMaria

    Has anyone here been to Berlin before??

    Going on a short trip to Berlin tomorrow. It's kinda spontaneous therefore I didn't do much research yet. :bell: Anyone know about any interesting places to visit, eat and relax ?? :cosbyhmm:
  12. Idil-Beydaan

    Where in the world would you love to live most? Why?

    :vanlf9a::vanlf9a::):vanlf9a: Expecting Soomaaliya of course:hmm:
  13. Idil-Beydaan

    What was your biggest experience of “culture shock” in another country?

  14. DRACO

    BBC Arabic visits somaliland

    BBC Arabic xtra visit somaliland. Very nice promoting somaliland across the world. I notice SL publicity has gone through the rough in recent years!
  15. U

    You're Going Where?

    Trailer for travel documentary series covering the Horn of Africa, looks like it will be good quality and interesting.
  16. Prince Abubu

    Sudan's Pyramids

    Interesting video. Country looks like a hotter and drier version of Somalia, but with roads. As usual comments section is overrun with racists and afrocentrists. @Beja what region has all the pyramids?