1. Manafesto

    Ethiopian PM dispatches his security Advisor to coerce SL gov to re-sign a previous revised agreement on khat and vegetable imports from Ethiopia

    The Ethiopian committee was headed by Abiya's security advice, after they heard Somaliland might follow suit and switch their khat improts to Kenya, the Ethiopian PM dispatched this team to focr Dr Keys to sign the old reversed agreement again. Ethiopia considers Somaliland their sixth Kilin...
  2. Cilmi-doon

    The continental African passport promised to roll out in 2020 can only improve mobility in Africa

    It’s still up in the air whether the African Union can keep its promise to deliver a continental passport by the end of the year. The travel document would allow visa-free travel between the Union’s 55 member countries. The potential economic impact is huge. Recently-released data show that...
  3. A

    Shortselling facebook

    I know we have a few traders here so wandering if any of you made any money short selling Facebook?
  4. A

    FGM origins

    I got told today, that FGM was originally something Somali slave traders did to their female slaves as a way to increase her value for the buyers as they would think she is chaste if she has been sown up. Just wondering how much if any of this is true?
  5. tesfey67n

    A new silk road is being established

    I'm not sure you guys have been following whats going on around the world, but a new silk road is being established. After seeing the trump and Korea summit, i knew something was up, and most recent news(Ethiopia president visiting Somalia).
  6. Merchant of Mogadishu

    The tales of the Merchant of Mogadishu: Part 1

    I was born in the great trading city of Mogadishu, the white pearl of the Indian Ocean. I come from a long line of merchants and traders stretching back thousands of years. My forefathers saw empires rise and empires fall. My first taste of the sea was when I was barely a few months old. A baby...