1. hamar_oo_iidil

    Somali YouTubers

    Hey I want to make a thread of Somali YouTubers (mainly Qurbajoogs) These two sisters are fairly new to the scene but the few videos they have up are great and I really like their content. Take a listen/watch, tell me what you think. And share some of the Somali YouTubers you know..
  2. Helios

    SSPOT's Best Battles

    All of these users engage in great struggles here on sspot and they are thoroughly entertaining to spectate as they battle it out @Grigori Rasputin vs Age @Basra vs Reality @Samaalic Era vs Xalimos @Gibiin-Udug vs Haters @Knowles vs Faraxs
  3. Manafesto

    Jiron Appreciation Platinum thread

    Seriously we got a gazillion posts of members complaining, whining, begging, critiqueing and then the one poster who looks at everything on the positive side is always @Jiron, I didn't know a Somali male could be 100% as nice as Jiron. We as as SSpot members demand to know more about Jiron...
  4. ethan bradberry

    Shanqale and ductape Appreciation thread

    most arguably the only sane members in this site. He isn't a qabilist and he contributes greatly to this forum. Ductape also contributes greatly to this forum. Arguably one of the funniest member here. They both deserve more appreciation here :qri8gs7::qri8gs7:
  5. Adheer Warsame

    Xalimos getting RICED

    Ashy Abdis BTFO by based gooks Is there a more cucked race? Abu Luhan :rejoice:
  6. Someone


    OFFICIAL TV SHOW THREAD Discuss Tv Shows in this thread Horta has anyone watched One Tree Hill? I miss that show :hmm:
  7. Prince Abubu

    SOMALIA Somalia's Beaches Thread

    Where is Adale and how can I get there?:banderas::ahh:
  8. John Michael