1. Risotto

    Ethiopia's Abiy hails 'historic' start of disputed dam filling
  2. Helios

    Somali Success in Medicine

    This Xalimo is a mother of 6 and a Trauma Surgeon in Florida - WOW. I needed to come back early to share her story and advice she gives I know I'm back a little early but things have been chugging along pretty well these last 10 days personally, but thats besides the point I guess. I'm...
  3. BetterDaysAhead

    Somalis must strive to move out of the ghetto

    The ghetto isn’t for us! We left a war zone we must avoid living in a ghetto warzone :it0tdo8: we need to put a stronger emphasis on education so that our children can grow up to become respected skilled high earning doctors, engineers, lawyers, architects, businessmen etc and live in peaceful...
  4. Odkac WRLD

    Best day of my life hands down

    I mentioned I wanted to pursue medical school, but now I realize this would take too long. I entered Computer Engineering for the money to be honest. Internships were great made good friends at the officer, and no one treated me lesser even though I was younger than even the freshest interns I...
  5. Odkac WRLD

    This is how it should be DONE!

    Like many Somali young folks, I’ve been to a shit ton of weddings. majority of them are in huge Venues, costing groom tens of thousands. Singers, food, and hosting so many is a strain financially to start the marriage. I was at a wedding last week. Very small and personal, with groom and bride...
  6. CaliTedesse

    Somali Success Thread

    I made this thread in dedication of Somalis, since I always get into arguments with other ethnics and people about Somalis. They know very little about us and the things they do know is negative. So I made this thread to keep up with all success stories or events. Please help me expand this...
  7. Buraanbur911

    Hey Girls!! - xasidnimo from other girls

    hello to those guys who are peeping through the womens spot as well. Anyways this spot isn't as active as the other ones so i was like might as well post something. I was just wondering have you guys realised within the somali community we can be actually so xasid to each other and not want...