1. MariaMaria

    Crazy/Funny/Shocking stories from your school days

    We don't get school shootings or anything at the schools here in the UK however whenever I talk about my school experience to people , they always get shocked - Religious studies teacher has sexual relations with an 18 year old student(on the school grounds), she doesn't even get fired -...
  2. yasmin lan

    Do you remember doing anything cheeky as a kid

    And if so what tell me? Any funny stories? I used to put hair wax in my hair when I was 12 thinking it was some type of hair gel :damn: needles to say thats when I started wearing the hijab.
  3. Benjamin

    What's your dhaqan celis experience?

    I wouldn't call my experience full dhaqan celis. It was just a 4 month period so I could meet my distant family. The year was 2009 ,It was soon summer. I have a cousin who was totally white washed at that time, So my dad & uncle decided to send us two to Kenya were we have relatives. Let me...