somali langauge

  1. Smokybob03

    Best way for a disaspora Somali to re-learn their mother tongue if they are not fluent conversationally ?

    Salam people, I understand the language single mother raised but due to circumstances I was taken to a foster home at 12. Now 26 and my skill level orally is that of a toddler unfortunately. Don’t see a time in my near future where I could take 3 months off work to live in Somalia full time to...
  2. Odkac WRLD

    Calling all of the best Somali speakers

    Am talking to this quruux Xalimo She is impressed by Somali speaking translate these phrases to perfect af Somali for me to type on text “very beautiful, as always” “Mashallah you look very beautiful” thank you
  3. CanIDimo

    Famous drill rapper raps in somali

    he is one the most popular drill rappers, the uk gov toke all his music video on youtube down and his loyal fan put it up on hub
  4. CanIDimo

    hooyo matalo gen start Af somali challenge on twitter

    i am convinced that almost all of somali diaspora youth would be special need if they did school in Somalia :siilaanyolaugh: especially the xalimos, brace yourself :tacky: but it would be unfair to say there isn't any high iq individuals among them. :reallymaury: then we have the low...