1. CaliTedesse

    Berbers used to get purchased by Spaniards

    This is why you will find 60% of Canary Islanders being European of origin but around 20% sharing ancestry with Berbers.
  2. Crow


    I have noticed Galla propagating this new buzzword "Oromophobia" on Twitter lately. It appears that they have been taking notes from their brothers in slavery across the Indian Ocean. I bet the warlord known as Jawar Mohamed is behind this tactic of committing crimes against humanity followed by...
  3. Aden

    Ethiopian Slaves in Lebanon

    Dutch daily newspaper Een echte, uit Ethiopië. Nog geen 20 jaar, vers uit Afrika geïmporteerd. Direct na aankomst op het vliegveld...
  4. N

    Naago afrikaan oo slave laga dhigay in Hindi movie

    Black women are portrayed as slaves in this Hindi movie. :gucciwhat::farmajoyaab: And in this clip, naagihii raped the hindi guys. And they want xaalmareen :russ: