1. B

    Djibouti Vs Somalia

    Djibouti Won by 1 Somalia Scored 0 :snoop: I'm very saddened by their play Somalia was going solid at the start playing it by the wing keeping composer and showing potential. But Djibouti was their to take the spot light. little clip here i think this deserves a featured dont u think @Admin
  2. B

    ZK - Everything Litty

    please listen to 1:04 to 1:11
  3. Al-Burcaawi

    Trigger Warning Girl sets up her friend to get RAPED because she "got all the attention"

    These are one of those times when I wonder what the hell is wrong with people :jcoleno: The ending was particularly sad, the victim trusted her at the hospital without knowing she was behind it. The girl also at the end kept calaacaling about how she "still gets attention":drakewtf: Moral of...
  4. L

    Penis Facial!!!

    I believe Sandra Bullock is transexual!