1. Odious Delirium

    Have you guys seen this before 😭

  2. D

    REFUTATION of Shia Objection to Abu Bakr

  3. D

    The Lies of Yasser Al Habib

  4. D

    Shia Scholars are callers to HELLFIRE

  5. D

    Ex Shia: “I read the Qur’an, it destroyed Shi’ism”

  6. tyrannicalmanager

    With shiism spreading across africa

    how long before somali clans converts to twelver doctrine to receive weapons and equipment from iran and start shia paramilitaries?
  7. Al-Burcaawi

    Are Shiites kuffar?

    Now I don't want to do takfir, that is up for the culamaa', however, I'd like to share with you these interesting videos made by the YouTube channels "Anti Majos" and "Sunni Defence", who specialize in exposing Shia clerics and their fraudulent beliefs
  8. Eru Ilúvatar

    Have you seen this vid?

  9. HuunoHunter

    Shia Girls.

    Is it just me or kacsi baa dile shia girls?
  10. Duchess

    Somali intelligence agency arrests 2 Iranian nationals for spreading Shia ideology @AbdiJohnson how do you feel about this?:mjpls:
  11. Hafez

    Shi'ism is the TRUTH

    in the eyes of the wicked. This Syrian man makes it very clear in the form of a poem!