1. Maintainnnin

    Evidence of Ancient Somali Writing Systems

    I've been struggling to come across documented images of the sites noted to contain undeciphered symbols or scripts in Somalia. There is a paragraph commenting on some sites and artifacts which contain an ancient Somali script published by the Somali Ministry of Information in 1974 below. "An...
  2. Jabuuti

    LANGUAGE Bias towards Far Wadaad/Arab Script

    I respectfully wanted to discuss this matter. Why is there such a bias, or large amount of disliking towards Far Wadaad? Yet, there is a large support for the latin script. I ask because some Somalis in the west say "We're not Arabs" and use that as an argument. But we're not Europeans either...
  3. Prince Abubu

    LANGUAGE Somalis should adapt Ancient South Arabian Script

    1) We need an indigenous script that isn't Latin based. I'm tired of the ugly double vowels in Somali. It looks less like a language and more like a series of animal sounds. 2) South Arabia has had strong economic, historical and cultural ties with the horn for millennia. The script was used in...
  4. Huur

    [Video] A Tribute to Our Afro-Asiatic Heritage

    This video is a tribute to our Afro-Asiatic Nomadic culture and Language. The Nasheed is created by: عبدالرشيد محي الدين and it's called: صومالي وافتخر Enjoy!
  5. SultanuuFicaan

    Siad barre and Ministry of information (1974) comments regarding this 'ancient somali script'

    "We find the Roman alphabet more convenient. It is also international. Most of intellectuals and literate citizens are used to it, and our imported equipment are described in Roman alphabet. Technically, we find its use more viable then any other script. For instance, we have an ancient Somali...
  6. Huur

    LANGUAGE Far Soomaali (Osmanya) Script is among the Fonts already supplied by Windows

    "Fonts supplied with Windows and Mac OS X, by script" How to find it: 1. Windows Setting - > Time and Language - > Region and Language -> Click on "Add Languages" -> Search "Somali" or "Osmanya" -> Click on...