1. JudgeJoeGorilla

    Let's Be Honest, Most Of These Pro-Black Activists Are Grifters

    Whom are not looking out in the best interest of Black people. I know most need to be paid, but now you have some Pro-Blacks such as Tariq Nasheed creating a rift between AAs and other members of the diaspora and mother Africa. Some of these Pro Black activists go out here and lie to Black...
  2. A

    Got into a fight with a Somali odey in Dubai airport in 2008

    Basically everyone who goes to Dubai will know that the Somali taxi drivers at the airport will try to rip you off. They don't use a meter even though every taxi does. They will charge you the normal rate per passenger instead of normsl rate for everyone. For example dubai airport to deira(gold...
  3. Jeesto

    Happy birthday

    Happy birthday to all Somalis who's birthday is on Jan 1st(95% of the somali population:hemad:)